Rental Supplies

We aim to please and perfect with our exquisite, one-of-a-kind event equipment. Our products all come with a unique appeal and are versatile enough for weddings, corporate events, product launches, award shows and more. We work with all our clients from the start of the process (providing equipment and helping to set up) right to the very end (providing creative direction on the decoration).

Event Decoration

At Ai2e, we channel our expertise into transforming the mood and atmosphere of any event. By working closely with our clients and always using the right combination of colours, lighting, displays and props, we aim to create bespoke events to satisfy their needs. We also offer our rental products as part of this package to streamline and simplify the entire process.


We offer a wide range of execution services; from entrance decoration to guest seating, leave it to us to add that extra ‘Wow Factor’ to any of your events. With our skilled set of creative staff, your imagination is the only limitation and we work meticulously to ensure that your event is personal to you in every way. Down to the timing, the budget and detail, we aim to deliver an unparalleled service.